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Empowered women change the world.

Women with secure rights to land and natural resources are able to take an active role in their own lives and in their communities. And when they do that, they can significantly reduce poverty around the world.

Resource Equity works to empower women with secure rights to land and resources, which promotes lasting economic growth, more resilient communities, and healthier societies.

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We build partnerships

All of our work begins with collaboration and it would not be possible without the backing and active involvement of local experts and communities. From Burkina Faso to Bulgaria, Kenya to Kyrgyzstan, we partner with in-country organizations to provide guidance and support.


We advocate for policy changes

With 40 years of combined experience working on improving women’s rights to land in law and practice in countries throughout Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe, we have a good sense of what works -- and what doesn’t. We share our comparative expertise with our partners as they work on reforming laws and policies to better serve women’s needs and preferences.

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We reduce poverty

Our work helps to increase women’s incomes, social and legal status, economic opportunities, decision-making power, and personal security. With this kind of agency, women are given the tools to build a life outside of poverty.


We start with women

All of our projects begin — and end — with women: we listen to their challenges, their needs, and their hopes. Their voices guide the work that we do and inform how we develop policy.  

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Poverty reduction and an improvement in food security are more likely to occur when women have rights and status within their families and communities.