Our Approach

Through partnership and collaboration, Resource Equity focuses on developing the capacity of rural women, practitioners, governments, and the development community to design and advocate for innovative and concrete strategies to improve women’s rights to land and resources.

Law, Policy, and Governance

We develop new legal, policy, and programmatic solutions to address the gap between law and practice for women’s rights to land and natural resources. We encourage the meaningful participation of women at all levels — in policy-making, in governance, in administration, in institutions, and in the implementation and enforcement of laws and policies. We help to develop a supportive framework, including awareness, implementation, and enforcement of laws.

Capacity Development and Training

We help lawyers, policy-makers, and program implementers by focusing developing the capacity of individuals and organizations around the world to address challenges to women’s rights to land and resources. Our programs help create a global cohort of experienced practitioners with expertise, with the goal of shifting the practice to embrace a women-first approach to securing land and resource rights worldwide.

Develop and Advocate for Innovative Approaches

A woman’s right to land and resources is central to other development goals such as food security, agricultural productivity, health, education, ecological protections, reduced violence against women and the promotion of human rights. Our work has a lasting impact if there is social acceptance of a woman’s right to land and resources. We develop and advocate for innovative approaches, working with local institutions to find innovative ways to secure women’s land and resource these rights.

Global Learning and Research

Drawing on best practices and lessons learned from our own and other projects ensures that our work continues to be relevant and innovative. We conduct qualitative studies to determine the best approaches for securing women’s rights.

Private Sector Engagement

We work with civil society, governments, and the private sector to ensure that corporate supply chains and direct investments in land respect the land rights of men, women, and their communities. Drawing on our experience developing capacities, tools, and approaches to ensure that women’s rights are respected, our work promotes socially responsible investment processes so that the potential benefits (and costs) of investments in land and resources are shared equitably by men and women.

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