When it comes to land rights, women should never be an afterthought

Elisa Scalise   March 8, 2018

In Northern Uganda, as elsewhere, women are rarely thought of first, especially when it comes to land. There is one woman’s story that comes to mind: Rosalyn (not her real name) was a widow. She bought land with her late husband when he was still alive, near the local trading center in Pader district. Now that he has died, her in-laws have taken the land.

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Thoughts on International Women’s Day

Renée Giovarelli     March 8, 2017

One late afternoon, I plodded up a wide muddy road, through a village center, back to the rented SUV where my patient and amiable driver waited. In the Madagascar highlands, everything shouts color: blue sky, red clay hills, green rice shoots, white clouds. The colors drowned out my thoughts.

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Collective lands: Making progress for women and men

Elisa Scalise     February 28, 2017

We at Resource Equity have seen the ways securing and protecting people’s land rights leads to benefits for societies. The ongoing work being done to secure the collective land rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities is therefore much needed.

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