Women's Land Rights Institute

We empower the people who empower women around the world

Women's Land Rights Institute - Foundations


Our foundational courses take a holistic approach, give you the opportunity to explore best practices in advancing women's land and resource rights. They generally meet once per week for 10 weeks.

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Women's Land Rights Institute - Intensives


Intensive courses present a deep dive into a specific topic, issue, or solution that we've worked on in the field. Guided by our faculty, these courses often host guest experts presenting detailed case analyses. They're generally concentrated into four sessions over 2 weeks.

Webinars & Workshops

Our team regularly engages in industry workshops and webinars, which provide overviews on best practices, lessons learned during field work, recent research findings, and more.

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Institute Faculty

Renee Giovarelli

Renee Giovarelli

Elisa Scalise

Elisa Scalise


Wellspring Philanthropic Fund

Laura Meggiolaro - Land Portal Foundation

International Land Coalition

Jolyne Sanjak - Tetra tecH

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Renee Giovarelli

Renee Giovarelli, JD LLM

Senior Attorney and Advisor
20 years of experience
Elisa Scalise

Elisa Scalise, JD

Executive Director