Securing Land Rights for Women

Full citation: Daley, E. and Englert, B., “Securing Land Rights for Women” 4(1) JOURNAL OF EASTERN AFRICAN STUDIES (2010).

Securing Land Rights for Women

Abstract: This collection of papers on Securing Women’s Land Rights presents five articles relating to eastern Africa. Four of these illustrate practical approaches to securing land rights for women in distinct situations: law-making for women’s land rights (Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda); land tenure reform in practice (Rwanda); women’s rights under pastoral land tenure (Ethiopia); and women’s rights in areas of matrilineal-matrilocal land tenure (Malawi). This article serves as an overall introduction to the subject, reviewing past issues and highlighting new ones, and setting out the shape of a positive, pragmatic approach to securing women’s land rights in eastern Africa. Five

Language: English

Year: 2010

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