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Patrilocality and Early Marital Co-residence in Rural China

The story of the rural Chinese family household in the post-Mao period is generally told in one of three ways, which might be labelled modernization, tradition restored, and demographic determinism. Modernization parallels the family theories of classical sociology: economic development and education tend to undermine extended family living arrangements by instilling nuclear family preferences, while the relaxation of migration restrictions allows young men to seek their fortune away from home. “Tradition restored” sees collectivization as having undermined the foundation of the extended family household, the family economy. The return of family farming has, in this view, restored the conditions under […]

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Securing Land Rights for Women

Abstract: This collection of papers on Securing Women’s Land Rights presents five articles relating to eastern Africa. Four of these illustrate practical approaches to securing land rights for women in distinct situations: law-making for women’s land rights (Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda); land tenure reform in practice (Rwanda); women’s rights under pastoral land tenure (Ethiopia); and women’s rights in areas of matrilineal-matrilocal land tenure (Malawi). This article serves as an overall introduction to the subject, reviewing past issues and highlighting new ones, and setting out the shape of a positive, pragmatic approach to securing women’s land rights in eastern Africa. Five […]

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