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Giving women equal rights to land and resources reduces world poverty.

When women have secure rights to land and resources, their families and communities are more likely to be in better health, have improved nutrition and education, and to be better off overall.

In a nutshell, evidence shows us that when we strengthen women’s rights to land and resources, women will have more:

  •  income
  •  higher social and legal status
  •  increased economic opportunity
  •  access to social services
  •  more decision-making power
  •  improved personal security.
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Women worldwide face barriers to their economic and physical well-being. We know that by improving women’s land rights, we can lift them out of poverty. We also know that when we support and look after the care-takers in the community, the mother’s and daughters, the whole community benefits in the long run. 

To continue this great work, we need you. Your financial support can make a difference. Become a partner in the global effort to improve women’s equality through land rights. Support us today.

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Donate today and help us to secure more equitable land rights for women and know that your contribution is helping create a better world.

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Why you should care

Why do land rights for women matter?

Owning their own land is a massive challenge for women in many countries around the world. In fact, 55 out of 160 countries discriminated against women’s inheritance. In other words, in those countries, women can’t inherit land. Where evidence is available for all farmers, women seldom own the land they farm. For example, in Kenya, women only account for five percent of registered landholders nationally.
Source: World Development Report 2012

“Up to 150-million people could be fed if women owned more land to farm on.”

According to the UN FAO, if women worldwide had the same access to productive resources as men, they could increase the yields on their farms by 20–30% and raise the total agricultural output by 2.5–4%. The increase in grain production alone could lift 100 to 150-million people out of hunger. 

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When women have stronger rights to land and resources,
economies are more productive, food security improves,
and the environment is better cared for.

But we can’t do it alone. We need your help.

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