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Brazil Enacts Laws in Support of Women’s Rights to Political Expression

In good news, Brazil enacted a law to establish norms to prevent, suppress, and combat political violence against women in spaces and activities related to the exercise of their political rights and public functions (Lei No. 14.192, de 4 de Agosto de 2021).

Law No. 14,192 states that the rights of women to political participation must be guaranteed and prohibits gender- or racially-based discrimination and unequal treatment in access to all levels of political representation and in the exercise of public functions (Art. 2).

The law also defines political violence against women as “any action, conduct, or omission with the purpose of preventing, hindering, or restricting the political rights of women” (Art. 3).

Likewise, acts of political violence against women constitute “any distinction, exclusion, or restriction in the recognition, enjoyment, or exercise of their rights and fundamental political freedoms by virtue of their sex” (Art. 3, sole para.).

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