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New! Updates and Redesign of the Starting with Women Toolkit

We've recently expanded and redesigned our Starting with Women Toolkit

We initially developed our innovative Improving Land Tenure Security for Women: A Starting with Women Approach during a pilot field project conducted in Acholi, Uganda, during 2012 – 2013. 

The approach is the result of the lessons that we learned there and, along with our partners, we created a comprehensive guidebook that details the process and results of the pilot project.

In concert with the field work, we developed an array of resources, templates, and examples designed to support others who want to ensure that women’s voices are heard when developing and implementing projects.

One of the benefits of ensuring that women’s perspectives are included during project design is that it brings in the broader needs of the community.

It’s important to remember that this process is not about favoring women over men; rather, it ensures that all voices are heard, which ultimately results in the development of more meaningful, substantial, and sustainable community change over time. 

Download the Guidebook

Explore the pilot project, learn about process development, get tips on how to use the resources, and more.

Download the Toolkit

We've compiled all 24 tools into a comprehensive PDF to make it easy for you to implement the Starting with Women Approach in your next project.

Learn More

Visit our new Starting with Women Toolkit page to learn more about the approach or to download individual PDFs of each of the 24 tools.

You can also read our findings from when we applied the Starting with Women Approach to a project focused on women’s land and mineral rights in Karamoja, Uganda.

If you have any questions on this methodology or would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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