Gender Equity in Land and Forest Tenure in REDD+ Programming

Project Sponsor
The World Bank

Project Scope
We led a team of gender and land specialists to understand gender, land, and resource-related constraints and opportunities in each of the seventeen Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) carbon fund countries.

The team examined formal governance frameworks and customary regimes, along with the institutional landscapes, that affect women’s land and forest tenure, their ability to exercise their rights in existing statutory and customary systems, how these rights can be affected by the Carbon Fund programs (Benefit Sharing Plans, Emission Reductions Programs, REDD+), and what specifically is needed to protect and even strengthen these rights.

We also conducted field-based research on seven of those countries, focusing on feasible strategies to strengthen women’s land and resources tenure and maximize the potential for women and men to benefit equitably from REDD+ programming in the FCPF carbon fund countries.

Project Timeline
June 2020 – March 2022
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