Increasing Women’s Voice and Participation in Extractive Governance: Mozambique, Tanzania, and Uganda

Project Sponsor
Publish What You Pay (PWYP)

Project Scope
Resource Equity supported the PWYP national coalitions in design, delivery, and synthesis of country-specific research into women’s participation and power in influencing and earmarking extractive revenues for the benefit of women, men, and communities at the local level.

The research examined national and local governance frameworks that control allocation of mining revenues to the local level; assessed national and local government capacity to deliver the functions called for in the governance frameworks; characterized past revenue allocation and the projects and initiatives funded by that revenue; and assessed the extent of women’s participation in revenue distribution and use with an emphasis on the local level.

We synthesized country research findings to identify the causes of past failures in women’s participation and drafted a synthesis report that contrasted best practices with current practice, and made recommendations for national reform and advocacy channels.

Project Timeline
October 2020 to June 2021
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