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Spanish Language Conceptual Framework For Women’s Land Tenure Security

We are excited to announce the release of the Spanish-language translation of our Conceptual Framework on women’s land tenure security, written by Cheryl Doss and Ruth Meinzen-Dick.

The Conceptual Framework is designed to identify core issues that shape the discussions around women’s tenure security and to suggest critical dimensions that should be included in analyses of women’s tenure security. The Framework also attempts to develop shared definitions and concepts to facilitate aggregation of the lessons from individual analyses and case studies. In addition, because women’s tenure security is not static, the framework identifies the types of factors that may change women’s tenure security, both to strengthen it and to undermine it.

We are thrilled to have translated it. While a majority of the research that is widely available and used for comparative purposes is written in English, many practitioners working on issues related to women’s land tenure security and collecting information about what works and what does not are Spanish speakers. To encourage the sharing of information and lessons learned, we need a common understanding of what we mean by women’s land tenure security. And a common understanding requires translating the Framework into multiple languages.

Future Translations

Most of the work on women’s land tenure security occurs in countries located in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. We will be translating the Framework into three languages commonly spoken in these areas of the world to cover as many countries as possible: Spanish, French, and Portuguese. While we have not yet translated the Framework into as many languages as we would like (for example, Mandarin and others common in Asia), we hope in the future to be able to translate it into as many languages as possible as the funding becomes available.

We look forward to sharing the Framework with all of the researchers and practitioners for whom English is not their working language, and to continuing to build a robust community around women’s land rights.

To access the Spanish-language version of “ Women’s Land Tenure Security: A Conceptual Framework” click here.

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